Our Story

Meet Sarah Petal

I paint because it brings me JOY. Each painting represents a huge part of mylife. 

There is something in painting that sparks me, it fuels me to move forward.

In the dark it is my candle that lights the way, it is my loyalty to my heart and the gateway to my soul.

It reminds me of who I am, to take a breath, stand back and look at the stars.

There is beauty everywhere and when you find it you can taste the richness of your soul. You become surrounded by all you love and you are immediately inspired.

There is a reason I paint with bold colours, that is how I understand the divine, its beauty is its strength, and that strength lies within all of us.

Call it source, call it love. I find that feeling in rain, views, music and laughter and when I paint it roars through me, then I am reminded I am loved, unique and special.

I wish to pass that message of love onto you.

Sarah Petal