Sarah Petal STory

I will start my story at my happy ending when I met Tom and his 2 beautiful boys, who now today is my fiance and together we have 3 boys. A beautiful family that was my biggest dream of all to come true.

Painting has always been my call to come back home to love, nurture and healing. It is my biggest grounding tool and releasing of trauma and pain.

I always loved painting with bold colours and felt it has always helped me connect to that higher wisdom. It is when I met Tom, he taught me when I talked to the heavens to not look up but to look within.

That is when the artist in me took a deep breath within, connected to my inner beauty that expresses through me rawly onto canvas today. 
My art took a turn, I paint what I recognise as strengths which I understand as source. Those greatest talents and capabilities that sit within and connect to all of us. I paint heaven and I hope people can look at my painting and see that heaven is within them too.

I had always loved exploring and dabbling in Art. It is when I expirienced such heavy trauma and grief through the expirience of my son falling ill at 1 years of age. He had a blood infection that nearly took his life. That expirience took me through a darkness I never thought was possible.

I found strength through my sons fierce determination to survive. 
After he pulled through a long healing journey it was then I turned to painting to allow the grieving process to release.

I found forgivness in life through a painting of my favourite lake, I call it my heaven on earth. Through art and a calm little beautiful lake, I found my heart beating again. I found the beauty of life again and connected with it in a truce. 

That lake was my call back to earth, it fills my heart with Joy that it gave me back my peace by using colour.

My son today is 4 and has more energy than you will ever see, he has a cheeky grin and a determination that is so unique and inspiring.

He introduced me to spring of the soul. A golden transformation from grief to peace.

My sons, my joy 

The end 

Our Story

About Sarah Petal

I paint because it brings me JOY. Each painting represents a huge part of mylife. 

There is something in painting that sparks me, it fuels me to move forward.

In the dark it is my candle that lights the way, it is my loyalty to my heart and the gateway to my soul.

It reminds me of who I am, to take a breath, stand back and look at the stars.

There is beauty everywhere and when you find it you can taste the richness of your soul. You become surrounded by all you love and you are immediately inspired.

There is a reason I paint with bold colours, that is how I understand the divine, its beauty is its strength, and that strength lies within all of us.

Call it source, call it love. I find that feeling in rain, views, music and laughter and when I paint it roars through me, then I am reminded I am loved, unique and special.

I wish to pass that message of love onto you.

Sarah Petal

I am truly inspired everyday I glance over to look at my Artpiece on the wall from Sarah....... Her artwork is powerful!!!!

Matilda, 33, Dandenong Ranges